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we supply a wide range of products including:books/magazines,paper bags,packaging bags,product catalogs,operation manuals,gift boxes.We can quickly and accurately provide a comprehensive and effective production plan

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we have 20 years experience major in printing and packaging,We have advanced equipment and provide the best service and high quality products.

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Company brief introduce
Xiamen Jinkailong Printing CO.,Ltd is a leader in the Printing Industry in China,and can provide Printing &Packing services from Design to Finished product,which was founded in 2000. Our company Headquarter is located in Xiamen,Fujian Province in Southern China. Xiamen is a modern city and a jewel located on the southern coast of China,and can boast an abundant supply of clean air,water,and power.The local government continues to develop the infrastructure in Xiamen including a new modern Airport,a new container port and Bonded zones that provide Logistics,Warehousing and Production opportunities enabling the smooth flow of materials from domestic and worldwide sources to all global customers. Our Professional Skills enable us to supply a wide range of products including:books/magazines,paper/plastic/linen bags,packaging bags,product catalogs,operation manuals,gift boxes,woven&non woven bags,and custom silk screen printing on all medium.our services cover the entire printing industry and we approach every project with sophisticated techniques that enable a high quality solution for the customer. Follow are some of our printing equipment,if you want to check more,welcome to visit our factory. HEIDELBERG Speedmaster XL 162 Printing color:5C+coating Sheet size Largest sheet format 1210*1620mm Smallest sheet format 630*860mm Largest printing format 1190*1620mm Paper bite 10-12mm Printing material thickness(extendable) 0.15-1mm Press speed Max. Press speed 15000sh/h Min.press sped 3000sh/h PAPIDA 105-10+L SW5 Pringting color:10C+coating Sheet size Largest sheet format 740*1050mm Smallest sheet format 340*480mm Largest printing format 730*1040mm Paper bite 10mm Printing material thickness(extendable) 0.04-1.2mm Press speed Max. Press speed 18000sh/h Min.press sped 3000sh/h
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Hot Products

paper bag,paper box,gift box and brochures are our hot products,sell to all parts of the world,such as Japan,USA.


Here we will show all the news about Xiamen Jinkailong Printing CO.,Ltd,such as when and where we will have exhibition,when we have customer visit our factory.

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if you have any questions about our company or our products,please feel free to contact me,we will reply you as soon as possible

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You can contact us any way that is convenient for you. We are available 24/7 via !

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Leave A Message
if you have any questions about our company or our products,please feel free to contact me,we will reply you as soon as possible