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5 common binding methods for picture albums
August 24 , 2020

There are various styles of picture albums and the binding methods are also varied. Generally, the binding forms of exquisite picture albums after printing are as follows:

1. Hardcover albums are books and periodicals that are bound into a book with coated paper or special paper as the cover, called hardcover books. There are generally two types of spine: flat spine and round spine. Many high-end books and picture albums with more preservation value, such as yearbooks, reference books, art picture albums, commemorative picture albums, high-end notebooks, etc., are bound in hardcover. The inner pages of the philatelic album are even mounted with white cards, which is a special kind of hardcover binding.

2. a photo album with lock-line plastic binding is a photo album or book that is glued with hot-melt glue after the pages are locked with gutter. Thread-locking plastic binding is less likely to drop or loose pages than wireless plastic binding. It can be used for thicker paper and book binding, such as art albums and general books.

3.saddle-stitched picture albums, the pages of the book are divided into two when binding, like a saddle-stitched book on a binding machine, and staples are used to bind the book. Generally used when the page number is small or the thickness is about 5mm, the album can be bound in this way. The main varieties are magazines, periodicals, manuals, company brochures, product catalogs, etc.

4. coil binding picture album, coil binding is a binding method that connects the pages of the book with a plastic ring or a metal ring. Generally, it is used to print a relatively small quantity, such as bidding documents, company annual briefings, manuals, company documents, product catalogs, etc. or special atlases focusing on creative design.

5. Folder-type atlases. Various publicity materials and atlases in folder-type are very flexible. Generally, paper of 200g/㎡ or more is used as the folder paper, and the inner pages appear as single sheets, which are suitable for products and Companies with multiple services and equally diverse customers can deploy relevant information as needed.

In general, book printing is relatively concise compared to other printed matter. Generally, the main factors considered are the following aspects: the location and purpose of the book, the number of prints, the format size, the paper used, and whether it is special Process requirements, etc. Such as bound books. In order to increase the artistic weight of the album, designers often design exquisite outer packaging boxes for the album. The style can be special, and the materials can also be expressed with special paper or special materials.

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