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OEM / ODM packaging paper box / bags
why choose paper bag and not plastic bag
June 01 , 2020

If you often go shopping in the mall, you will find that kraft paper bags are widely used in all walks of life. Compared with plastic bags, the cost of kraft paper bags is higher. Why are so many companies willing to use kraft paper bags? One of the reasons is that more companies now pay attention to environmental protection and regard environmental protection as a part of corporate culture. Choose more environmentally friendly and renewable paper bags instead of plastic bags.

renewable paper bags

At present, big-name kraft paper manufacturers generally use forest pulp integrated production, that is, through scientific management to plant trees felled in the forest area to ensure that their ecology is not destructively affected, and follow the path of sustainable development. And with the continuous development of science and technology, the waste water generated in the production process of kraft paper needs to be treated to meet the national discharge standards before it is allowed to be discharged.

In addition, kraft paper packaging is 100% recycled and reused, which is an important point that kraft paper is superior to other material packaging. Kraft paper will soon be degraded in the soil and "turned into spring mud to protect flowers". Unlike plastic packaging, which is difficult to degrade easily, causing "white pollution" has a destructive effect on soil and environment.

By comparison, it is not difficult to see that kraft paper bags are better than plastic bags in environmental protection. Today, with more and more environmental protection, an environmentally friendly kraft paper packaging bag has become the primary choice of more and more manufacturers. If you also want to For environmental protection, we may consider kraft paper bags as the first choice for shopping or food packaging bags.

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