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OEM / ODM packaging paper box / bags
why we need to use packaging
June 01 , 2020

In today's society,packaging is pervasive and Essential.Today let me talk about the packaging,why we need to use packaging.

First,what's the packaing?

Packaging is the overall name of containers, materials and auxiliary materials used in accordance with certain technical methods to protect products during circulation, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales.

Second,what's the function of packaging

Realizing the value of goods and use value, and is a means of increasing the value of goods;

1. Protect the product from natural factors such as sunlight, rain, dust pollution, etc., and prevent losses such as volatilization, leakage, melting, pollution, collision, squeeze, loss and theft;

2. Bring convenience to the storage, transportation, adjustment and sales of circulation, such as loading and unloading, inventory, palletizing, delivery, receipt, transshipment, sales counting, etc.;

3. Beautify commodities, attract customers, and promote sales. Good packaging can directly attract the attention of consumers, so that consumers have a strong desire to buy, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting

Third,what packaging we can provide

Xiamen Jinkailong Printing CO.,Ltd is a leader in the Printing Industry in China,and can provide Printing &Packing services from Design to Finished product,which was founded in 2000.

Our Professional Skills enable us to supply a wide range of products including:books/magazines,paper/plastic/linen bags,packaging bags,product catalogs,operation manuals,gift boxes,woven&non woven bags,and custom silk screen printing on all medium.our services cover the entire printing industry and we approach every project with sophisticated techniques that enable a high quality solution for the customer.

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